Right Partner, Right Size

Dahlstrom Roll Form:  Right Partner, Right Size

Are you looking for a high-capacity manufacturing partner who has the agility of a small business? At Dahlstrom Roll Form, we function under ISO Quality Standards and fabricate components using advanced machinery to meet the demands of some of the[...]

Stabilize your supply and expand your market

Stabilize your supply and expand your market with Dahlstrom Roll Form

For manufacturers who require a continuous flow of custom roll formed components, late shipments and stock-outages can negatively impact sales and make it difficult to compete in today’s global marketplace. To limit the[...]

Vendor-Managed-Inventory at its Best

Maintaining inventory of what a customer needs for production, and nothing more, is a delicate and complicated balance. As inventory ages, it can depreciate to a level that no longer adds value for the producer. Not surprisingly, if that manufacturer holds[...]

Dahlstrom Roll Form: A Full-service Manufacturing Partner

Dahlstrom Roll Form:  A Full-service Manufacturing Partner

When it comes to supplying original equipment components, Dahlstrom® leads the roll form industry with over 100 years of experience. Our combination of collaborative engineering and LEAN manufacturing practices assure shared success.[...]

Roll Forming In-House vs. Contract Roll Former & Inventory Management

Roll Forming In-House vs. Contract Roll Former With Inventory Management

Bringing roll forming processes into your plant is a complex investment. It’s more than just buying a roll forming machine that you can turn on and off when you need it. There are additional costs and risks that many[...]

The 4 Most Common Roll Forming Myths | Metal Fabrication

There are plenty of stereotypes about roll forming. Like many stereotypes, some are true. Others -- the roll forming myths detailed here -- are completely incorrect.

How Does Roll Forming Fit Into the Full Metal Fabrication Process?

Roll Forming's Place in Metal Fabrication

Roll forming is one of the main metal forming processes for long slender metal parts, falling under the larger umbrella of using contoured roll tools to change metal from one state to another. Rolling as a metal forming process also includes different[...]

Why Quick Ship Metal Moldings Are Awesome for Architects

Did you think roll forming had to take weeks and months to design, set up, and produce a quality product? We thought so, too. That is, until we realized we could standardize the roll forming process of a small selection of metal mouldings.

Metal Fabrication | Components of a Roll Forming Line

How Your Roll Formed Part Is Made: Roll Forming Metal Fabrication

Roll forming may seem like magic at first glance: you insert a coil of metal in one end, and a finished part pops out the other. What happens in the middle? Let’s dispel the mystery of this metal fabrication process.

Choosing Your Aesthetic for Architectural Metal Mouldings

Choosing the right aesthetic for your architectural project is more complex than it may seem. There are many metals to choose from, and many types of finishes available. Each finish provides its own unique aesthetic, and the finished effect will shift depending on the richness, lighting, and[...]


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