Want to Lower Sheet Metal Forming Costs? 5 Ways Roll Forming Can Help

Roll forming is one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of sheet metal forming.

However, it isn’t free. So what major factors affect the cost of roll forming? (Hint: Your design choices play a big part in it.)


Roll forming is a metal fabrication process that involves the bending of metal strips to create a certain shape or design. It's one of the most simple and easy-to-understand metal forming processes there is; however, there are several components that go along with it.

Once you learn about these[...]

Roll Forming Tolerance: Navigating the Gray Area of Precision

In the world of roll forming, controlling tolerance is the balance roll formers constantly navigate; it's a subtle art and a complex science – similar to pitching in baseball. 

Cold Roll Forming Vs. Hot Rolled Steel: What's the Difference?

Durability. Flexibility. Cost-effectiveness. Adaptability for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. You’ve probably wondered at some point how hot forming and cold forming compare in when it comes to forming metal.

[Feeling] The Roll Form Tooling Process

As far as metal forming techniques go, roll forming has long been a standard for OEMs. You’re probably already familiar with its numerous advantages, including: 

High-Quality Heat Pump Parts: Try Metal Roll Forming

The HVAC industry is witnessing a surge in heat pump popularity.

Sales of heat pumps are outstripping gas furnaces for home air-to-air models in the United States. This means more people are choosing heat pumps over gas furnaces for their homes.

The Benefits of Securing a Roll Forming Second Source Supply

Do you remember the good old days, circa 2018, when your main concern in supply chain management was visibility and consumer demand? Goods were plentiful and there were almost no concerns about sourcing or risk.

Metal Cutting: Waterjet Vs. Laser

Power Distribution System Components: Roll Forming Benefits

The U.S. power distribution sector is under a storm cloud. 

Roll Forming: A Classic Choice for Elevator & Escalator Parts

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